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John Homans

Born  1877
Died  1954

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American surgeon, 1877-1954.

Biography of John Homans

John Homans worked on experimental hypophysectomy with Harvey Williams Cushing (1869-1939) at Johns Hopkins. Homans, Cushing and Samuel James Crowe (1883-1955) in 1910 presented the first evidence of the relationship between the pituitary and the reproductive system. Homans later became interested in peripheral vascular disease.

His wife was Helen Perkins Homans. Their daughter Helen Homans died of pneumonia on November 22, 1916, while serving as a nurse with the Red Cross in France. Homans' three sons all graduated from Harvard.


  • H. Cushing, J. Homans:
    Effects of hypophyseal transplantation following total hypophysectomy in the canin.
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  • Samuel James Crowe (1883-1955), H. W. Cushing, J. Homans:
    Experimental hypophysectomy.
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  • J. Homans:
    A textbook of surgery; compiled from lectures and other writings of members of the Surgical department of the Harvard medical school.
    Springfield, Ill, C. C. Thomas, 1945.

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