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Richard James Mackenzie

Born  1821
Died  1854

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Biography of Richard James Mackenzie

Richard James Mackenzie studied in Edinburgh and was assistant to James Syme (1799-1870), becoming doctor in 1842. He then stayed for two years in Paris, Vienna, and Berlin, returning to Edinburgh in 1844. Here he became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, in 1848 assistant surgeon, and in 1850 surgeon at the Royal Infirmary. The previous year, 1849, he had taken over the position as a lecturer at an extramural school. During the few years before the outbreak of the Crimean War, he conducted a large number of important surgical operations and published on a variety of operations.

In May 1854, with Tufnell of Dublin, he travelled to Crimea via Malta, and Scoter and Verna in Turkey, arriving in September. He distinguished himself in the battle at the Alma on September 20, but died of Asiatic cholera already five days later.
Mackenzie volunteered for service in the Crimean War and died of Asiatic Cholera near Sebastopol.


  • Ligature of the subclavian artery.
    Northern Journal of Medicine, 1846. Edinburgh Monthly Journal, 1851.

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