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Demetrius Chilaiditi

Born  1883

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Greek radiologist in Austria, born April 11, 1883, Vienna.

Biography of Demetrius Chilaiditi

Demetrius Chilaiditi was born in Vienna, but he was Greek in origin and Ottoman in nationality. He attended the university of Vienna, receiving his doctorate in 1908. He worked at the III. medical university clinic under Leopold Schrötter von Kristelli (1837-1908) and Ernst Adolf Gustav Gottfried von Strümpell (1853-1925), and at the Zentral-Röntgeninstitut under Guido Holzknecht (1872-1931). He subsequently worked as radiologist at the English hospital in Istanbul, and was consulting radiologist at French, Greek, and Italian Hospitals. He was the 2nd radiologist to open a private laboratory in Constantinople and one of the first members of Turkish Radiological Society.

Chilaiditi published on the therapy of maligneous tumours, on his special procedure for the treatment of hypertrichosis, gynaecological radio therapy, hepatoptose and other anomalies of the liver, and on duodenal stenosis.

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