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Jan Jonston

Born 1603
Died 1675

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Polish naturalist, historian, educator and physician, born September 3, 1603, Szamotuly; died June 8, 1675, estate Zybendorf near Liegnitz

Biography of Jan Jonston

Jan Jonston was born to a family of Scottish descent that had lived in Poland for a long time and settled in Leszno in 1625. In 1622 he went to Scotland to study Hebrew language and scholastic philosophy, before he became an educator for young gentlemen of noble families. From 1628 he was in Frankfurt and die Oder, Wittenberg, Leipzig, Franeker and Leyden, where studied medicine. He then went to London where he stayed for a sustained period of time and continued his medical studies. His works earned him such a reputation that he was offered various positions. Again he took on a position as an educator, and in 1632 he travelled to Germany and Holland with his pupil.

Jonston obtained his doctorate at Leiden in 1634. After visiting the universities of France and Italy he returned home in 1636 and settled in Leszno. Here he became life physician to his former pupil and rejected invitations for various professorships. During the war with Sweden, which ravaged Poland under King Johann Kasimir, he settled in Schlesien to live quietly. Here he lived at the Estate Zybendorf near Liegnitz, where he died in 1675.

Jan Jonston wrote on history, philosophy, medicine and natural science. He was a friend and supporter of the great Moravian paedagogue Jan Amos Comenius (1592-1670).

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