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Pierre Delbet

Born 1861
Died 1957

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French surgeon, born November 15, 1861, La Ferté Gaucher, departement Seine-et-Marne; died 1957.

Biography of Pierre Delbet

Pierre Delbet, the son of a physician, was conferred doctor of medicine in 1889 in Paris, becoming agrégé there in 1892; in 1893 Chirurgien des Hôpitaux and 1909 professor of clinical surgery at the Academy of Clinical Surgery in Paris. He was co-publisher of the Traité de chirurgie clinique et opératoire as well as the Nouveau traité de chirurgie. He was a member of the Académie de Médecine from 1921.

Pierre Delbet, a surgeon, is also remembered for his views on magnesium as a miracle mineral. In 1915 he was looking for a solution to cleanse wounds of soldiers, because he found that traditionally used antiseptics actually damaged tissues and encouraged infections instead of preventing them. In all his tests magnesium chloride solution was by far the best. On September 6 that year, with Dr. Karalanopoulo, he submitted to the French Academy of Science the paper Cytophylaxis, advocating that magnesium increases the efficiency of the white blood cells.

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