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Asim Cenani


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Turkish paediatrician and geneticist, Istanbul.

Biography of Asim Cenani

Asim Cenani is associated with:
Department of Genetics, Institute for Experimental Medicine, Istanbul University.
Department of Paediatrics, Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul.
Genetic and Teratology Application and Research Center, Istanbul University.

We thank Andre Trombeta for information submitted.


  • B. Vural, M. Poda, E. Atlioglu, Ö. Kolusayin, A. Cenani, N. Morling, Z. Tümer:
    Turkish population data on the short tandem repeat locus TPOX. (short communication)
    International Journal of Legal Medicine, Berlin, 1998, 111 (2): 105-106

  • N. Gazioglu, M. Vural, M. S. Seçkin, B. Tüysüz, E. Akpir, C. Kuday, B. Ilikkan, A. Erginel, A. Cenani:
    Meckel-Gruber syndrome (case report).
    Child's Nervous System, 1998, 14 (3): 142-145
  • N. Eelçioglu, G. Kkaratekin, M. Elçioglu, A. Nuhoglu and A. Ccenani:
    Tuberous sclerosis: clinical evaluation in a family and implications for genetic counseling.

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