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Leo Drüner

Born  1870

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German surgeon, born June 7, 1870, Detmold.

Biography of Leo Drüner

Leo Drüner attended the universities of Halle an der Saale, Jena, and Marburg. He graduated from the University of Jena in 1904 and worked for some time in the anatomical institute of that university. From 1900 to 1906 he was on the staff of the Kaiser Wilhelm-Akademie and for a period he was commanded to work in the surgical clinic in Frankfurt am Main under Ludwig Wilhelm Carl Rehn (1849-1930). He received the title of professor in 1919 and later worked as a physician-in-chief Knappschaftskrankenhaus Fischbachtal, Quierschied-Saarbrücken. His work concerns roentgenstereoscopy, laparotomy, and hernias.


  • Stereoskopie, stereoskopische Messung und Fremdkörperlokalisation.
    In: Heinrich Ernst Albers-Schönberg (1865–1921): Die Röntgentechnik - Lehrbuch für Ärzte und Studierende, 4th edition, Chapter 29. Hamburg, 1913. This book was first published in 1903.
  • Messung der Verschiebungsdurchleuchtung.
    In: Albers-Schönberg (1865–1921): Die Röntgentechnik - Lehrbuch für Ärzte und Studierende, 4th edition, Chapter 31. Hamburg, 1913.
  • Messung des Röntgenbildes.
    In: Heinrich Borutteau (1869-1923) and Ludwig Mann (1866-1936): Handbuch der gesamten medizinischen Anwendung der Elektrizität, Volume 3, 1. Leipzig, 1909-1928.

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