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Maurice Bucaille

Born  1920

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    French surgeon, born 1920.

    Biography of Maurice Bucaille

    Maurice Bucaille was chief of the surgical clinic at the University of Paris. Although he is associated with two medical eponyms, he is now more known for his interest in religion, particularly Islam and the Koran.

    In 1976, after ten years of study, Bucaille addressed the French Academy of Medicine on science and the Koran, concerning the existence in the Koran of certain statements on physiology and reproduction. According to Bucaille, the Koran describes scientific phenomena long before modern scientists rediscovered them. His views on these issues are highly controversial and often referred to as "Bucaillism".

    Also in 1976, he published La Bible, le Coran et la science, in which he analyses the scriptures in the light of modern scientific knowledge. The book became enormously popular and has been translated into languages spoken throughout the Muslim world.


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      This book won a History Prize from the Académie Française and another prize from the French National Academy of Medicine.
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