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Alexis-Jacques Alquié

Born  1812
Died  1864

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French surgeon, born 1812, Perpignan, département Pyrénées-Orientales; died 1864.

Biography of Alexis-Jacques Alquié

Alexis-Jacques Alquié, Alquié, professor of surgery in Montpellier from 1851, had a long and arduous way to go in rising from a low position. His promotion took place in 1838. His numerous writings concern two categories: those of dogmatic medicine authored before he became professor, and his later surgical works. He was a good operator and excellent practician, practicing conservative surgery and painstakingly observing the rules of nature. His most important work is "Chirurgie conservatrice ....". One of his later works, Étude médicale et expérimentale ... concerns forensic medicine.

He edited the Annales cliniques de Montpellier from 1853 to 1858, and the Revue de thérapeutique du midi.


  • Précis de la doctrine médicale de l'école de Montpellier.
    3rd edition, 1843, 1844.
  • Cours élémentaire de pathologie chirurgicale d'après la doctrine de l'école de Montpellier etc. 1845
  • Protestation en faveur de l’école de Montpellier etc. 1846.
  • Des anus contre nature. Concurs-thesis for a surgical chair. Paris 1848,
  • Chirurgie conservatrtice, et moyens de restreindre l'utilité des opérations. Avec dessins lithographiés par l'auteur.
    Montpellier, Ricard frères, 1850.
  • Clinique chirurgicale de l'Hôtel-Dieu de Montpellier.
    2 volumes, Montpellier 1852, 1858.
  • Étude médicale et expérimentale de l'homicide réal ou simulé par strangulation, relativement aux attentats dont Maurice Roux a été l'objet. 1864.

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