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Richard Altmann

Born  1852-03-12
Died  1900-12-07

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German pathologist, born March 12, 1852, Deutsch-Eylau, Germany; now I³awa, Poland; died December 7, 1900, Hubertusburg.

Biography of Richard Altmann

Richard Altmann studied in Greifswald, Königsberg, Marburg, and Giessen, where he was conferred doctor of medicine in 1877. He became assistant and prosector in Leipzig, was habilitated in that town in 1882 and in 1887 became extraordinary professor of anatomy. He died of a nervous disorder in 1900, after six years of illness.

Altmann concerned himself with the problems of organic structural doctrines, and presented his granula theory in 1890 in his paper elementary organisms etc.
He coined the term nucleic acid.

We thank Patrick Jucker-Kupper, Switzerland, for information submitted.


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We thank Rudolf Kleinert, Bad Reichenhall, Germany, for information submitted.

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