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Andrea Vaccà Berlinghieri

Born 1772
Died 1826

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Italian surgeon, born February 3, 1772, Pisa; died September 6, 1826, Orzignano, near Pisa..

Biography of Andrea Vaccà Berlinghieri

Andrea Vaccà Berlinghieri was the son of Francesca Vaccà Berlinghieri (1732–1812), professor of medicine at Pisa. After attending school, Berlinghieri in 1787 was sent to Paris with his four year older brother Leopold to study medicine. In Paris Pierre Joseph Desault (1744–1795) and Jean Louis August Baudelocque (1745–1810) were among his teachers. After two years i Paris Andrea and his brother went to London, particularly attracted by John Hunter (1728–1793). Upon their return the revolution was in full swing and they traveled home to Pisa, where Andrea was conferred doctor of medicine in 1791 – aged 19 years.

Two years later he wrote Reflessioni sul trattato di chirurgia del Sig. Begnamino Bell and began giving lectures that were very well attended. In 1799 he went once more to Paris where he received education from Philippe Jean Pelletan (1747–1829), Baudelocque, Baron Alexis de Boyer (1757– 1833), and Baron Antoine Dubois (1756–1837). Besides medicine, he concerned himself with studies of chemistry, physics, mathematics, and astronomy. During his stay in Paris he wrote, in the French language, Traité des maladies vénériennes (Paris 1800). This text was revised by Pierre-Philippe Alyon (1758–1816).

Upon his return to Pisa, Berlinghieri was appointed professor of surgery, an event that is considered the beginning of a new school of Pisa. His reputation soon brought patients from all over Europe, and even the Orient, to Pisa. A friend of the anatomist Paolo Mascagni (1752–1815), he published the outstanding anatomical plates from Mascagni's Grande anatomia.

Berlinghieri was the first in Italy to perform John Hunter's procedure for aneurisma of the poplietal fossa.

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