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Hayazo Ito

Born 1865

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Japanese surgeon, born May 1865, Inaba, Tottori.

Biography of Hayazo Ito

Hayazo Ito studied at the Imperial University in Tokyo, graduating in 1889, Igaku Hakushi 1900, in 1891 he established the private hospital in Tottori and in 1893 became director of the Yonago hospitals, in 1894 of the Sapporo hospitals. From 1896 to 1899 he undertook further education in Germany and Switzerland, particularly in surgery, and on his return to Japan in 1900 assumed the chair of surgery at the Imperial University in Kyoto. Ito retired in 1921. He published numerous works in the fields of surgery and orthopaedics, both in German and Japanese.

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