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Rudolf Waldemar Rømeling Krefting

Born 1860
Died 1942

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Norwegian physician, born February 3, 1860, Kvikne; died August 17, 1942, Stockholm.

Biography of Rudolf Waldemar Rømeling Krefting

Rudolf Waldemar Rømeling Krefting graduated in medicine from Det Kongelige Frederiks Universitet (now University of Oslo) on December 20, 1884 and served his internship under Cæsar Peter Møller Boeck (1845-1917). He subsequently worked at a maternity hospital as well as with the district physician Niels Heiberg (1818-1894) in Egersund on the south-western coast of Norway. He then went on an educational journey to Vienna and Paris.

From 1887 Krefting practised in Kristiania, concentrating on skin and venereal diseases. From November 1. 1888 he was an assistant in the pathological-anatomical institute at the Rikshospitalet under Hjalmar Heiberg (1837-1897), and from October 15. 1890 worked in the skin department.

Krefting obtained his medical doctorate on December 16, 1911, with a dissertation on the clinical importance of Wassermann's reaction. This was five years after this reaction had been published by August von Wassermann (1866-1925), Albert Neisser (1855.1916) and Carl Bruck.

Krefting travelled abroad for further studies every year. His travels went to Germany, Austria, Spain, and Morocco, with Paris as his favourite destination. He also attended a number of medical conventions. In 1904 he was secretary to the dermatological congress in Berlin. In 1909 he received a scholarship from the university to visit Breslau and Berlin for studying inoculation of syphilis in animals as well as serological methods of investigating syphilis. For more than 3o years, starting from 1896, Krefting was Health Council's specialist on venereal diseases.

Besides his membership in the Norwegian Medical Association, Krefting was a member of the Danish Medical Society, a corresponding member of Société de dermatologie française, Société thérapeutique, Dermatologische Vereinigung in Wien, and the Dermatologische Gesellschaft in Berlin.

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