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Guido Werdnig

Born  1844
Died  1919

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Austrian neurologist, born 1844, Ratschach, district of Krain; died 1919.

Biography of Guido Werdnig

After he had acquired a medical degree, Guido Werdnig served in the army for å decade, taking part in the suppression of a revolt in South Dalmatia and the occupation of Bosnia. At this time Dalmatia was Austrian crown land, and Bosnia was occupied by Austro-Hungarian troops in 1878, vigorous resistance from local Bosnian forces. In this period Werdnig published articles in a military journal on the problems of moving wounded troops in mountain districts, based upon his own experiences.

In 1888 Werdnig, now a civilian, moved to Graz where he practised as a neurologist and became associated with the Institute of Pathological Anatomy. He returned to Vienna in 1896 and resumed neurological practice. When he de died in 1919 he had been bedridden from spastic paraplegia for twelve years.

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