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Hans Theodor Schreus

Born  1892
Died  1970

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German roentgenologist, born September 10, 1892, Hückeswagen, Rgbz. Düsseldorf; died 1970.

Biography of Hans Theodor Schreus

Hans Theodor Schreus studied in Heidelberg, Bonn, Kiel, Munich, and Halle, obtaining his medical doctorate at Bonn in 1919. He spent his internship and period as an assistant in the women's clinic in Munich under Albert Siegmund Gustav Döderlein 1860-1941, from 1919-1925 at the university skin clinic in Bonn under Erich Hoffmann (1868-1959), and from 1925 to 1929 in the skin clinic in Düsseldorf under E. Stern. Schreus was habilitated for dermatology, syphilology and roentgenology at Bonn in 1921, becoming professor extraordinary in Düsseldorf in 1926, and full professor in 1930. In 1945 he was rector of the academy of medicine.

Schreus was described as a typical son of the mountainous landscape he grew up in. He was technically gifted and only reluctantly commenced the study of medicine. He excelled in contradictions, advocated the freedom of thought and supported his collaborators. Among his chief research areas were tropical dermatology and dermatopharmacology. He made fundamental contributions to dosimetry of X rays as well as the development of X ray machines.


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