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Heinrich Albrecht

Born  1866-07-24
Died  1922-06-28

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Austrian physician, born July 24, 1866, Vienna; died June 28, 1922.

Biography of Heinrich Albrecht

Heinrich Albrecht received his doctorate from the University of Vienna in 1891. He was successively assistant in anatomy to Emil Zuckerkandl (1849-1910), 1893 assistant in pathological anatomy under Anton Weichselbaum (1845-1920) and Eugen Kolisko (1811-1884). In 1893 he also assumed leadership of the commission to investigate the plague in India arranged by the Akademie der Wissenschaften. The results were published in three folio volumes of the Denkschriften der Akademie with the cooperation of Carl Wilhelm Hermann Nothnagel’s (1841-1905) assistant Hermann Franz Müller (1866-1898) and the pathological anatomist Anton Ghon (1866-1936).

Albrecht was habilitated for pathological anatomy in 1899, becoming ausserordentlicher professor in 1902, 1908 head of the institute for pathological histology and bacteriology. In 1913 he succeeded Hans Eppinger (1879-1946) at Graz and in 1920 Kolisko at Vienna.

His work particularly concerns the entrance gates of tuberculosis (Eintrittspforten), infections of small children, the successful demonstration with Ghon of healthy carriers of menigococci, and investigations on the agents of whooping cough and influenza. He also distinguished himself in his serial investigations of congenital Lageanomalien des Wurmforsatzes as well as his studies on oncology.

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