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James Sherren

Born  1872
Died  1945

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English surgeon, born 1872, Weumouth; died 1945.

Biography of James Sherren

James Sherren became interested in medicine when he served as an apprentice at sea and assisted the ship’s doctor as an anaesthetist. He graduated in medicine from the London Hospital in 1899, obtaining his FRCS in 1900 and was appointed to the surgical staff of the London Hospital. He worked with the famous neurologist Sir Henry Head (1861–1940) and they co-authored two books, one of them with William Halse Riversn (1864-1922). At the age of 54, Sherren returned to sea as a ship’s surgeon before retiring to the seaside.


  • Harold Leslie Barnard and James Sheerren (editor:
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    The afferent nervous system from a new aspect. Brain, London, 1905, 28: 99-115.
  • Sir Henry Head and James Sherren:
    The consequence of injury to the peripheral nerves in man.
    Brain, London, 1905, 28: 116-138.

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