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Adolfo Lutz

Born  1855
Died  1940

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Brazilian physician, 1855-1940.

Biography of Adolfo Lutz

  • Un nuovo protozoa parassito de' conigli incontrato nelle lesioni anatomiche d'una malattia che ricorda in molti punti il kala azar dell'uomo.
    Rev Sc. S. Paulo, 1908, 3: 109-112.
    English translation in Benjamin Harrison Kean (1912-), et al: Tropical medicine and parasitology: classic investigations. 1 volume in 2]. Ithaca, London, Cornell Univesity Press, 1978. Contains 200 key papers, reproduced in whole or in part, in English translation where necessary.
    Splendore discovered Toxoplasma in a rabbit; it was named T. Cuniculi.

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