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François-Joseph Hunauld

Born  1701
Died  1742

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French physician, born February 24, 1701, Hâteaubriant; died December 15, 1742.

Biography of François-Joseph Hunauld

François-Joseph Hunauld came from a family of physicians. His grand uncle on his father’s side was Pierre Hunauld, physician and professor of medicine in Angers, his father René Hunauld, a physician in Saint-Malo. He began his studies in Angers, where he became mag. art. after only one year. At the age of 18 he went to Paris, where he remained until he was conferred doctor of medicine at Reims, aged 21. Returning from Reims to Paris he devoted himself in particular to anatomical studies under Jacob Benignus Winsløw (1669-1760) and Joseph-Guichard Duverney (1648-1730) who, in 1724, recommended him as a member of the Académie des sciences. Following the death of Duverney, Hunauld in 1730 succeeded him as teacher of anatomy at the Jardin du Roi, in which position he remained until his death in 1742.

Hunauld was a diligent sectionist and made some contributions in the field of the osteology of the skull, but was chiefly noted in science for his descriptions of interesting cases of monstrosities.


    Hunauld’s works were published in the Mémoires de l’Académie des sciences. Other works include:
  • Nouveau traité de physique sur toute la nature. 2 volumes. Paris, 1742.
  • Dissertation en forme de lettres au sujet des ouvrages de l’auteur du livre sur les maladies des os. Paris, 1726.
  • Discours sur les fièvres qui ont régné les années dernières. Paris.

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