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Alexis Joffroy

Born 1844
Died 1908

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French physician and neuropsychiatrist, born December 16, 1844, Stainville, Meuse; died November 24, 1908

Biography of Alexis Joffroy

Alexis Joffroy studied in Paris, where Jean-martin Charcot (1825-1893) influenced him to devote his efforts to neurology. He obtained his doctorate in Paris in 1873, was appointed médecin des hôpitaux in 1879, and the following year became agrégé at the Paris faculty. He came to the Salpêtrière in 1885, and from 1893 to his death in 1908 was professor of clinical psychiatry, teaching at the Asile St.-Anne.

Alexis Joffroy made contributions to the understanding of syringomyelia. In 1869 Joffroy and Charcot demonstrated the atrophy of the anterior horn cells of the spinal cord in poliomyelitis.

Of particular interest are his investigations on the etiological influence of alcohol on progressive paralysis.

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