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Christoph Theodor Aeby

Born 1835-02-25
Died 1885-07-07

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Swiss anatomist, born February 25, 1835, Guttenbrunnen, Pfalsburg; died July 7, 1885, Bilin.

Biography of Christoph Theodor Aeby

Christoph Theodor Aeby
Born in Pfalsburg, Aeby was raised in Basel, where he studied from 1853 to 1856, then undertook two years of further studies in Göttingen. He received his doctorate in Basel in 1858, was habilitated the same year, and soon afterwords became prosector. In 1863 he became ausserordentlicher professor in Basel, and in the automn that year was called to Bern as ordentlicher professor of anatomy. In 1884 he accepted an invitation to Prague as ordinarius of anatomy, replacing Karl Toldt (1840-1920) who had been called to Vienna. Due to poor health, however, he died already the next year.

A restless man of high working capacity, Aeby was considered an important contributor to microscopic anatomy, comparative anatomy, osteology and the anatomy of the eye.

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