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Burrill Bernard Crohn

Born  1884
Died  1983

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American gastroenterologist, 1884-1983.

Biography of Burrill Bernard Crohn

Burrill Bernard Crohn
At the time he described “his” disease, Crohn was a practitioner and usually remitted his patients to the Mount Sinai Hospital for their operations. Crohn gradually became more attached to the Mount Sinai Hospital, where he worked with the neurologist Bernard Sachs (1858-1944). There he soon built a very large and successful reception for patients with granulomatous enterocolitis and eventually was made chief of the department of gastroenterology. As such he was highly respected through all of his professional career and received numerous patients from all over the USA, some even from Europe.

After retirement, Crohn moved to a mansion-like building beautifully situated in the interior of Connecticut. Here he lived rather like a recluse, as all communications were handled by the Department of Public Relations at the Mount Sinai Hospital. As the hospital's greatest PR-asset, Crohn was treated with the revere usually bestowed upon popes.

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