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Joaquim Albino Cardoso Casado Giraldes

Born 1808
Died 1875

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Portuguese anatomist and surgeon, born April 24, 1808, Porto; died November 27, 1875.

Biography of Joaquim Albino Cardoso Casado Giraldes

Joaquim Albino Cardoso Casado Giraldes received his first education on Madeira, but with his father, who had been appointed consul in Havre, came early to Paris, receiving his doctorate in 1836. He head. however, been appointed prosector of the anatomical school of the hospitals. He became Chirurgien de Bureau central des hôpitaux in 1848.

In 1854, while about to make a cut through a calcified larynx during an autopsy, a cutting edge loosened, hit him in the eye and destroyed it. Despite a protracted and painful period of illness, and a gradual loss of sight on the other eye, he continued to practice surgery, still able to undertake major operations

However, he had to refrain from his private practice, and turned more to bibliographical work and the role of a critic and learned. He was a member of several learned societies, where he was recognized as an authority.

This most learned of all Paris surgeons, Chirurgien honoraire des hôpitaux, chirurgien-en-chef de Nord railway company, died in a coach with which one of the librarians was about to take him home.

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