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Hyman Isaac Goldstein

Born  1887
Died  1954

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American physician, born November 2, 1887, Baltimore, Maryland; died 1954.

Biography of Hyman Isaac Goldstein

Hyman Isaac Goldstein was the oldest of four children of Solomon Joseph and Rose Zuckerman Goldstein. He graduated from Camden High School and attended the Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1909.

He spent his internship at the Mount Sinai Hospital, the Northwestern General Hospital as well as at the Philadelphia General Hospital. He then specialized in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology with offices in Camden, New Jersey. He did graduate studies in Vienna and spent periods of time in Europe consulting and visiting clinics in Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Leipzig and Paris. He married Dorothy Wessel with whom he had three children.
Goldstein contributed to the third edition of Textbook of Medical Diagnosis (Philadelphia, 1925) by James Meschter Anders (1854-1931) and L. Napoleon Boston (1872-1931). This book was first published in 1911. He also contributed to the book International Clinics (Philadelphia, 1918, 1921, 1927) as well as numerous journals.

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