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Dimitrie D. Gerota

Born  1867
Died  1939

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Romanian anatomist and surgeon, born July 17, 1867, Craiova; died March 5, 1939, Bucharest.

Biography of Dimitrie D. Gerota

Dimitrie D. Gerota studied in Bucuresti, where he received his doctorate in 1892, and was habilitated for topographical anatomy in 1900. From 1913 he worked at his alma mater as professor of surgical anatomy and experimental surgery. He was also Profesor at the Art Academy in Bucharest and teacher to the well-known carver Constantin Brancusi. Both, they did the carved muscles anatomical study named "The Ecorché" (1905) and many other studies. He was the first radiologist in his country. Gerota was a member of the Romanian Academy. There is now a great modern hospital in Bucharest named "Prof. Dr. D. Gerota Military Hospital".

We thank Jean Gerota, Paris, for submitting information about his grandfather.


  • Apendicita. Bucuresti, 1929.
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