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Henrik Forsius

Born 1921

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Finnish ophthalmologist, born August 24, 1921, Helsinki.

Biography of Henrik Forsius

Henrik Forsiusqualified in medicine at the University of Helsinki in 1948. He obtained his doctorate in 1954, and in 1964 became professor of ophthalmology at the University of Oulu (Swedish: Uleåborg) in central Finland. In 1986 he moved to Helsinki to assume a position as head of the population genetics department, Folkhälsan Institute of Genetics.

Forsius has made extensive studies of X-linked retinoschisis, choroideremia, cornea plana congenita and granular corneal dystrophy, often in collaboration with his friend and colleague, professor Aldur W. Eriksson. He has also undertaken population studies in Finland, Iceland, Canada, USA, Peru, Ecuador, Tunis, India, Cuba and Rwanda.

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