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Rodney Kenneth Beals

Born  1931

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American orthopaedic surgeon, born 1931.

Biography of Rodney Kenneth Beals

After graduating from the University of Oregon Medical School in 1956, Rodney K. Beals trained in orthopaedic surgery. From 1961 he was a member of the Oregon Health Sciences University, where he has been head of the division of orthopaedics and rehabilitation since 1981. His special interest is in the field of genetic connective tissue disorders.

Dr. Beals' interests in genetic diseases arose by accident. Because of crowded quarters, Dr. Beals and Dr. Frederick Hecht, a paediatrician and medical geneticist, were assigned to share an office in the 1960s at the medical school in Oregon. Sitting at adjacent desks in the same small room, Drs. Beals and Hecht began sharing their interests and collaborating in clinical research. In the early 1960s he developed a "Growth Clinic" where patients with skeletal dysplasia and other growth disturbances are seen

We thank Frederick Hecht for information submitted.


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