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Arthur Böhme

Born  1878

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German internist, born June 6, 1878, Bromberg, Germany (now Bydgoszcz, Poland

Biography of Arthur Böhme

Arthur Böhme studied in Berlin, Bonn, Freiburg im Breisgau, and in Heidelberg, where he obtained his doctorate in 1904. He worked in the Institut für experimentelle Therapie in Frankfurt am Main with Paul Ehrlich (1854-1915) and Max Neisser (1869-1938), in the medical clinic in Marburg with August Ludolph Brauer (1865-1951), in Frankfurt am Main with Hugo Lüthle (1870-1915), from 1909 to 1918 in Kiel, again with Lüthle. From 1918 he was head physician at the department of internal medicine of the Augusta-Krankenanstalt in Bochum. He was habilitated for internal medicine at Kiel in 1911, becoming titular professor in 1915.

Böhme's studies concered serology, reflexology and pneumoconiosis.

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  • Klinisch wichtige Reflexe.
    Handbuch der normalen und pathologischen Physiologie. Volume 10, Berlin, 1927. Verlauf der Staublungenerkrankung bei den Gesteinshauern des Ruhrkohlengebietes.
    In: Schr. Gewerbehygiene, N. F. H. 36. Berlin, 1930.

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