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John Bingham Roberts

Born 1852
Died 1924

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American surgeon, born 29 February 1852, Philadelphia; died November 28, 1924, Philadelphia.

Biography of John Bingham Roberts

John Bingham Roberts graduated from the Thomas Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in 1874. His uncle, Dr. R. J. Levis, was a distinguished plastic surgeon, and Roberts followed him into that speciality. In 1882 he was one of the founders of Philadelphia Polyclinic and the College for Graduates of Medicine, where he taught anatomy and surgery. From 1890 to 1900 he was also professor of surgery at the Women’s Medical College. In 1918 the policlinic and the graduate college became a part of the University of Pennsylvania.

A skilled plastic surgeon, Roberts published extensively on nasal ulcers, facial clefts and facial trauma, and the profound psychological effects such abnormalities had on the patient. His book War Surgery of the Face had a significant influence on the management of casualties in the Great War. He served as president of the American Academy of Medicine and the American Surgical association.

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