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Frederick Byron Robinson

Born  1854
Died  1910

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American surgeon, born 1854; died March 23, 1910.

Biography of Frederick Byron Robinson

Fred Byron Robinson was born on a farm near Hollandalem Wisconsin. He worked as a schoolteacher when he entered the study of medicine, which he completed at the Rush Medical College, where he received his medical doctorate in 1882. Having to earn money immediately, he worked as a country practitioner in Grand Rapids, Wisconsin, from 1882 to 1888, only interrupted by travels to Europe for further education.

In 1888 he became lecturer of anatomy and surgery at the Medical Scool of Toledo, 1891 professor of gynecology at the Chicago Post Graduate Medical School and then at Illinois Medical College. Though Robinson maintained a large practice as a clinical surgeon in Chicago, his chief importance lies in his studies on anatomy and gross pathology. He contributed significantly to the existing knowledge of the biliary and pancreatic ducts, the ureto-ovarian circle (Robinson's circle), the ureters, and the great sympathetic nerve (the abdominal brain).


  • Landmarks in Gynaecology.Detroit, 1894.
  • The peritoneum. Chicago, 1897.
  • Colpoperineorrhaphy. Chicago, 1899.
  • The Abdominal Brain and Automatic Visceral Ganglia.
    Chicago 1899.
  • Arteria utero-ovarica. Chicago, 1903.

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