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Anton Julius Friedrich Rosenbach

Born 1842
Died 1923

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German physician, born December 16, 1842, Grohnde an der Weser; died December 6, 1923, Göttingen.

Biography of Anton Julius Friedrich Rosenbach

Anton Julius Friedrich Rosenbach studied in Heidelberg, Göttingen, Vienna, Paris, and Berlin, obtaining his doctorate in 1867. Subsequently he was assistant to Wilhelm Baum (1799-1883) and Karl Ernst Theodor Schweigger (1830-1905), and participated in the war of 1870/1871. He was habilitated as Privatdozent in 1871, and from 1877 was ausserordentlicher professor of surgery at the Göttingen policlinic.

Rosenbach proved that streptococci and staphylococci are distinct and differentiated two strains of staphylococci - aureus and albus. He cultured cocci from a considerable range of septic conditions, thus more accurately defining their pathological significance for humans, and confirmed Pasteur’s prediction that acute osteomyelitis is a “furuncle of the bone marrow”.

Rosenbach contributed to Handbuch der gesamten Therapie (treatment of gangrene and phlegmons in the area of the mouth cavern) and the Handbuch der praktischen Medizin (surgical bone and joint diseases).

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