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August Gottlieb Richter

Born  1742
Died  1812

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German surgeon, born April 13, 1742, Zoerbig, Sachsen; died July 23, 1812, Göttingen.

Biography of August Gottlieb Richter

August Gottlieb Richter
Richter from 1760 studied at Göttingen, receiving his doctorate there in 1764. he the made a scientific journey, mainly to Strasbourg, Paris, London, Oxford, Leyden, Amsterdam, and Groningen. In 1766 he became extraordinary professor of medicine in Groningen, in 1771 ordinarius, 1789 Leidmedicus, 1766 Hofrath. In 1786 he made a half year journey to Switzerland and France.

Richer was an active lecturer, both in special tehepeutics, surgery, and ophthalmology, heading clinical education in the hospital.

Richter’s work concerns almost every field of medicine, but his main contributions were in surgery and ophthalmology. He was a major reformer of ophthalmology. Under him Göttingen experienced a Blüthezeit”. In surgery he worked against the “operation mania” prevalent in some medical circles.


  • Diss. de intumescente at calloso pyloro cum triplici hydrope. 1764.
  • Progr. de variis cataractam extrahendi methpdis. 1766.
  • Observationum chirurgicarum.
    Fasc. I – III. Göttingen, 1770, 1776, 1780.
  • Chirurgische Bibliothek.
    15 volumes. Göttingen und Gotha, 1771-1797.
    The first German surgical report journal.
  • Abhandlung von der Ausziehung des grauen Staares.
    Göttingen, 1773.
  • Abhandlung von den Brüchen. 2 volumes, 1778, 1779.
    2nd edition, 1785.
    Volume 1: Von den Brücken überhaupt. Göttingen.
    Bey Johann Christian Dieterich, 1778.

  • Anfangsgründe der Wundarzneikunst. 7 volumes, 1782-1804. Medicinische und chirurgische Bemerkungen, vorzüglich im akad. Hospital gesammelt.
    Volume I, II, 1793, 1813. English translation, Edinburgh, 1794.
  • Specielle Therapie.
    9 volumes and supplement volumes, Berlin, 1813-1836.
    Published posthumously by his son, Georg August Richter (1778-1832).
  • Klaus von Haefen:
    August Gottlieb Richter, der Begründer der deutschen Chirurgie. Münchener medizinische Wochenschrift, 1937, 84: 1006-1007.
  • M. Vogel, S. Motsch (Göttingen):
    Der Stand der Augenheilkunde unter August Gottlieb Richter in Göttingen.
    In: Vom Augendienst zur modernen Ophthalmologie, Hrsg. M. Tost, Halle, 1994.
  • Jonathan Hutchinson:
    A German surgeon of the last century.
    Archives of Surgery, London, 1891-1892; 3: 1-17.

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