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Lisa Welander

Born  1909
Died  2001

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Swedish neurologist, 1909-2001.

Biography of Lisa Welander

Lisa Welander was Sweden's first female professor of neurology, appointed by the University of Umeå in 1964. Following medical studies at Karolinska institutet, Lisa Welander received her specialist training in neurology at Serafimerlasarettet in Stockholm. During the 1940s she investigated a group of patients from an area in Gästrikland. The patients' symptoms were lack of muscle function in hands and feet. Lisa Welander described the disease and its mode of inheritance in her doctoral dissertation in 1951. She was a teacher at the Karolinska institutet from 1952 and from 1953 at the medical college in Gothenburg. She remained there until she received her professorship at Umeå.

We thank Søren Nørby and Grace E. Jacobs for information submitted.

This biography was found on the website of the journal Orion Pharma Neurologi Nr. 1 2003. Orion Pharma Neurologi is published in Sweden, Denmark and Norway by Orion Pharma AB, Sollentuna, Sweden.

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