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Gertrud Hurler

Born  1889
Died  1965

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German paediatrician, born September 1, 1889, Taberwiese in the district of Rastenburg, Prussia; died 1965.

Biography of Gertrud Hurler

The daughter of a general practitioner, Gertrud Hurler was educated in Königsberg and qualified in medicine at the University of Munich. After qualification she trained in paediatrics at the Hauner Children's Hospital (named for August von Hauner, 1811-1884). In 1919 she moved to Neuhausen, where she practiced paediatrics for more than 45 years.

In 1914 she married a veterinary surgeon, Dr. Konrad Hurler, whom she inspired to obtain a medical qualification and in the following year she bore a Daughter, Elizabeth, who subsequently studied medicine. Her son, Franz Gustav, born 1921, was killed in action during the Second World War.

Hurler was an exceptional clinician and was greatly liked and respected by her patients.

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