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Henry Hubert Turner

Born  1892
Died  1970

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American endocrinologist, born August 28, 1892, Harrisburg, Illinois; died 1970.

Biography of Henry Hubert Turner

Henry Hubert Turner graduated in medicine from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 1921. Following postgraduate training in the USA, Vienna and London, he was eventually appointed to the chair of medicine at the University of Oklahoma.

One of the founders of modern endocrinology, Turner was involved in the establishment of several endocrinological journals and in promoting research and postgraduate education in his speciality. He was for many years secretary and president of the Society for the Study of Internal Secretions. This organisation evolved and attained scientific respectability, becoming the Endocrine Society.

Turner achieved international fame and distinction, and his name is perpetuated in the Henry H. Turner radio-isotope laboratory at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. He was noted for his wit.

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