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Matthew Sydney Thomson

Born  1894
Died  1969

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English dermatologist, born June 6, 1894, Earlsfield, Surrey; died 1969.

Biography of Matthew Sydney Thomson

Following his education at the Merchant Taylor's School, Matthew Sydney Thomson attended Cambridge University, and subsequently undertook clinical studies at King's College Hospital, London.

After qualifying in 1918, Thomson trained in internal medicine and dermatology. He later became senior dermatologist at King's and held appointments at other hospitals, including the Dulwich, Fulham and St. Gile's Hospitals and at the Belgrave Hospital for Children. During the Second World War he was in charge of the casualty department at King's College Hospital.

Although Thomson did not undertake much original research, he published about 60 papers in the field of dermatology. As a person he was a quiet, modest, and hard-working man, a kindly and competent clinician and a stimulating teacher. He retired in 1958.

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