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Aleksei Ivanovich Abrikossoff

Born  1875-01-06
Died  1955

Related eponyms

    Russian pathologist, born January 6, 1875, Moscow; died 1955. Name also spelled Abrikosov

    Biography of Aleksei Ivanovich Abrikossoff

    Aleksei Ivanovich Abrikossoff attended the university of Moscow and was conferred doctor of medicine in 1899. From 1902 to 1904 he worked in the university pathological institute, and in 1906 became Privatdozent and prosector of the city hospitals. From 1918 he worked as professor of pathological anatomy at the first and second Moscow State University.

    His wife Fanya Davidovna Vulf-Abrikosova, 1895-1965, was a pathologist too and in 1927 at the first time described deposits of Bence-Jones protein (B-J crystals) in tissues. Their only son, Alexei Alexeyevich Abrikosov, was born in 1928. In 2003 he was co-recipient with Vitaly Lazarevich Ginzburg (born 1916) and Sir Anthony James Leggett (1938) of the Nobel Prize in Physics, for their theories about how matter can behave at extremely low temperatures.

    We thank Serge Brokhman, Russia, for information submitted.


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