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Marlies Tolksdorf


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German paediatrician and geneticist.

Biography of Marlies Tolksdorf

Marlies Tolksdorf headed the chromosome laboratory at the Univesity of Lübeck.


  • [A contribution to the problem of immunity against oxyuria in infant age.]
    M. Tolksdorf.
    Kinderärztliche Praxis, Leipzig, September 1954, 22 (9): 387-388. German.
  • [Sex determination from blood smears.] German.
    H. Romatowski, M. Tolksdorf, H. R. Wiedemann.
    Klinische Wochenschrift, Berlin, October 1, 1955, 33 (37-38): 911.
  • [Sex differentiation from the blood picture and its use in hermaphroditism.]
    M. Tolksdorf, H. Romatowski, M. Saile, H. R. Wiedemann.
    Ärztliche Wochenschrift, November 11, 1955, 10 (45): 1029-1034. German.
  • [Affective respiratory convulsions.]
    H. R. Wiedemann, M. Tolksdorf.
    Kinderärztliche Praxis, Leipzig, December 1955, 23 (12): 548-552. German.
  • [Our results in sex determination from blood smears in morbid conditions; hermaphroditism and ovarian agenesis.]
    H. R. Wiedemann, H. Romatowski, M. Tolksdorf.
    Die Medizinische, Stuttgart, December 10, 1955, (50): 1734-1736. German.
  • [The question of prenatal sex determination and hemomorphological sex determination in newborn and the fetus.]
    H. R. Wiedemann, H. Romatowski, M. Tolksdorf, F. Prediger.
    Die Medizinische, Stuttgart, April 21, 1956, (16): 631-632. German.
  • [Age factor in hemomorphological sex characteristic of nuclei in normal persons and in persons with abnormal sex development.] German.
    H. Romatowski, M. Tolksdorf, K. Bungart, H. R. Wiedemann.
    Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, April 1957, 105 (4): 141-142.
  • [Sex determination from blood picture.]
    H. Romatowski, M. Tolksdorf, H. R. Wiedemann.
    Münchener medizinische Wochenschrift, August 17, 1956, 98 (33): 1090-1093. German. [Sex determination from the blood picture; principles, use and importance.]
    H. Romatowski, M. Tolksdorf, H. R. Wiedemann.
    Münchener medizinische Wochenschrift, August 24, 1956, 98 (34): 1108-1112. English, German.
  • [Results of hematomorphologic-chromosomal sex diagnosis in intersexuality & other anomalies of sex development.] German.
    H. R. Wiedemann, M. Tolksdorf, H. Romatowski.
    Ärztliche Wochenschrift, September 27, 1957, 12 (39): 857-361.
  • [Additional observations on hematomorphological diagnosis of nuclear sex.]
    H. Romatowski, M. Tolksdorf, H. R. Wiedemann.
    Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, August 1958, 106 (8): 380-381. German.
  • [Leukocytes cell nucleus and its value of the diagnosis of chromosomal sex from the blood compared with other methods.]
    H. R. Wiedemann, M. Tolksdorf, H. Romatowski.
    Medizinische Monatsschrift, Stuttgart, October 1958, 12 (10): 665-658. German.
  • [Incidence of Pelger's nuclear anomaly.]
    H. Redies, K. Quenzer, M. Tolksdorf, M. L. Saile, H. R. Wiedemann.
    Schweizerische medizinische Wochenschrift, Basel, October 11, 1958, 88 (41): 1002-1003. German. [Observations on a persistent endometrioid cyst in a cicatricial desmoid in aged.]
    M. Tolksdorf, A. Tolksdorf.
    Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde, Stuttgart, April 1959, 19 (4): 353-357. German.
  • [Does a nuclear morphological investigation of a pregnant woman's blood make possible the determination of fetal sex?] German.
    M. Tolksdorf, G. Wolf-Heidegger, H. P. Klinger, H. R. Wiedemann.
    Deutsche medizinische Wochenschrift, February 10, 1961, 86: 252-255.
  • [Malformation syndrome with trisomy of group 16-18.]
    M. Tolksdorf, H. G. Hansen, H. Sinatbachsch, H. Lehmann, K. Nitsch, H. R. Wiedemann.
    Klinische Wochenschrift, Berlin, April 15, 1963, 41: 354-355. German.
  • [The significance of chromosome diagnosis in childhood.]
    M. Tolksdorf.
    Ärztliche Jugendkunde, Leipzig, 1964, 55: 286-299. German.
  • [Chromosomal studies in "partial gigantism".]
    H. R. Wiedemann, M. Tolksdorf, H. G. Hansen, K. Klose.
    Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, May 1964, 112: 281-282. German.
  • [Autosomal trisomy of group 16-18.] German.
    M. Tolksdorf.
    Zeitschrift für menschliche Vererbungs- und Konstitutionslehre, Berlin, June 22, 1964, 37: 433-439.
  • [Experiences with Tanderil in general medical practice]
    Tolksdorf, M. Tolksdorf.
    Der Landarzt, Stuttgart, December 10, 1964, 40 (34): 1487-1488. German.
  • [Edwards syndrome with unusual chromosome findings.]
    M. Tolksdorf, H. Lehmann, H. G. Hansen, H. R. Wiedemann.
    Zeitschrift für Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, June 2, 1965, 93: 55-63. German.
  • [Pätau syndrome with trisomy D 1 and D/D translocation]
    M. Tolksdorf, H. R. Wiedemann, H. G. Hansen, W. Lehmann.
    Die medizinische Welt, Stuttgart, October 9, 1965, (41): 2304-2307. German.
  • [The Wilson-Mikity syndrome. Clinic, pathology and nosology]
    J. Weber, M. Tolksdorf, H. Althoff.
    Zeitschrift für Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, 1967, 98 (4): 330-349. German.
  • [The excretion of testosterone in children and young adults who are chromatin positive for Klinefelter's syndrome]
    D. Knorr, G. Mürset, A. Prader, M. Tolksdorf, H. R. Wiedemann.
    Acta endocrinologica, Oslo, September Oslo, 1967, 56 (1): 65-70. German.
  • [Lipomucopolysaccharidosis, A new storage disease]
    J. Spranger, H. R. Wiedemann, M. Tolksdorf, E. Graucob, R. Caesar.
    Zeitschrift für Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, 1968, 103 (4): 285-306. German.
  • [Exomphalos-makroglossy-gigantism-syndrome, gneralized muscular hypertrophy, progressive lipodystrophy and Miescher's syndrome--congenital diencephalic syndromes?]
    H. R. Wiedemann, J. Spranger, M. Mogharei, W. Kübler, M. Tolksdorf, M. Bontemps, J. Drescher, H. Gunschera.
    Zeitschrift für Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, 1968, 102 (1): 1-36. German.
  • Enzymes in Down's syndrome.
    H. Bartels, K. Kruse, M. Tolksdorf.
    The Lancet, London, April 13, 1968, 1 (7546): 820.
  • [Abnormal haematopoesis with hepatosplenomegaly in newborn infants with the Down syndrome] German.
    J. Drescher, Halsband H, Brunck HJ, M. Tolksdorf.
    Zeitschrift für Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, September 1968, 104 (2): 135-160.
  • [Cytogenetic studies in patients with thyroiditis and LATS and antibody-positive hyperthyroidism]
    M. Tolksdorf, K. Schemmel, D. Mühlenstedt, H. Uthgenannt, W. Müller.
    Schweizerische medizinische Wochenschrift, Basel, July 26, 1969, 99 (30): 1082-1085. German.
  • Ring D1 chromosome and multiple malformations.
    M. Tolksdorf, H. R. Wiedemann, U. Goll.
    The Lancet, London, November 8, 1969, 2 (7628): 1009.
  • [Symptomatology of the ring chromosomes of the D group. (2 new observations of type 13r)]
    M. Tolksdorf, U. Goll, H. R. Wiedemann, R. A. Pfeiffer.
    Archiv für Kinderheilkunde, Stuttgart, 1970, 181 (3): 282-295. German.
  • The chromosome complements of various species of the genus Canis.
    G. Soldatovic, M. Tolksdorf, and H. Reichstein.
    Zoologische Anzeiger, Jena, 1970, 184: 155-168.
  • [Clinical and cytogenetic findings in a rare autosomal aberrations]
    M. Tolksdorf.
    Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, June 1970, 118 (6): 308-313. German.
  • [Fucosidosis]
    Voelz, M. Tolksdorf, F. Freitag, J. Spranger.
    Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, July 1971, 119 (7): 352-355. German.
  • [Ring chromosome 18. 18p-/18q- -deletion-syndrome]
    J. Kunze, E. Stephan, M. Tolksdorf.
    Humangenetik, Berlin, 1972, 15 (4): 289-318. Review. German.
  • [Atypical Klinefelter's syndrome with XXXY-chromosomes]
    G. Kurschat, F. Leyh, M. Tolksdorf.
    Andrologie, Berlin, 1972, 4 (3): 269-275. German.
  • [An infantile-juvenile, subchronically progressive lipoidosis of the sphingomyelinoses (Niemann-Pick) form--a new type? Clinical, pathohistological, electron microscopic and biochemical studies]
    H. R. Wiedemann, H. Debuch, K. Lennert, R. Caesar, S. Blümcke, D. Harms, M. Tolksdorf, P. N. Seng, H. D. Korenke, H. Gerken, F. Freitag, K. Dörner.
    Zeitschrift für Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, 1972, 112 (3): 187-225. German.
  • Trisomy 21 in both of dizygotic twins.
    N. Sörensen, M. Tolksdorf.
    Klinische Pädiatrie, Stuttgart, May 1973, 185 (3): 197-199.
  • [An uncommon malformation-retardation syndrome with "sheep-like face" and associated with autosomal structural aberration (author's transl)]
    H. R. Wiedemann, M. Tolksdorf.
    Klinische Pädiatrie, Stuttgart, September 1973, 185 (5): 346-351. German.
  • [Indentification of chromosomal polymorphisms and some aberrations identified by new cytogenetical methods (author's transl)]
    J. Kunze, M. Tolksdorf.
    Zeitschrift für Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, April 8, 1974, 117 (1): 29-46. German.
  • [XO-XY-sex-chromosomes-mosaicism in a child with progressive spinal muscular atrophy. German.
    J. Kunze, M. Tolksdorf.
    Zeitschrift für Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, November 1973, 115 (4): 283-294.
  • Klinefelter's and Turner's syndrome in childhood.
    M. Tolksdorf.
    Helvetica paediatrica acta, Basel, 1974, Supplement, 34: 137-151.
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis. VII. Beta-glucuronidase deficiency.
    J. Gehler, M. Cantz, M. Tolksdorf, J. Spranger, E. Gilbert, H. Drube.
    Humangenetik, Berlin, July 15, 1974, 23 (2): 149-158.
  • Mannosidosis: clinical and biochemical findings.
    J. Gehler, M. Cantz, J. F. O’Brien, M. Tolksdorf, J. Spranger.
    Birth Defects. Original Article Series, White Plains, NY, 1975, 11 (6): 269-272.
  • [Cat-eye syndrome. Clinical and cytogenetical differentialdiagnosis (author's transl)] German.
    J. Kunze, M. Tolksdorf, H. R. Wiedemann.
    Humangenetik, Berlin, 1975, 26 (4): 271-289. Review.
  • [Examples and problems within prenatal diagnosis]
    M. Tolksdorf, K. Sperling, V. Wieczorek, Saling E, J. Gehler, J. Kunze.
    Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, May 1975, 123 (5): 229-231. German.
  • LH and FSH response to synthetic LH-RH in children and adolescents with Turner's and Klinefelter's syndrome.
    R. Illig, M. Tolksdorf, G. Mürset, A. Prader.
    Helvetica paediatrica acta, Basel, October 1975, 30 (3): 221-231.
  • [A dysplasia-epilepsy syndrome in a patient with ring chromosome 21]
    J. Kunze, H. Doose, M. Tolksdorf.
    Neuropädiatrie, Stuttgart, November 1975, 6 (4): 398-402. German.
  • [Ring chromosome 18] German.
    J. Kunze, J. Spranger, M. Tolksdorf.
    Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, January 1976, 124 (1): 41-42.
  • Cytogenetic investigations in a new case of Bloom's syndrome.
    K. Sperling, U. Goll, J. Kunze, E. K. Lüdtke, M. Tolksdorf, Obe G.
    Human Genetics, January 28, 1976, 31 (1): 47-52.
  • Identification of the triploid genome by the C-banding method.
    J. Kunze, H. D. Oldigs, M. Tolksdorf.
    European Journal of Pediatrics, Berlin, September 1, 1976, 123 (2): 111-114.
  • Familial trisomy 9p and spinal muscular atrophy: clinical, cytogenetic and embryological findings.
    M. Tolksdorf, J. Kunze, G. Gross-Selbeck, K. Sperling, R. D. Wegner, V. Wieczorek, M. Vogel.
    European Journal of Pediatrics, Berlin, August 23, 1977, 126 (1-2): 13-27.
  • Male infant with cat cry syndrome and apparent absence of the Y chromosome.
    M. Tolksdorf, J. Kunze, H. Rossius, H. Chiyo.
    European Journal of Pediatrics, Berlin, May 1980, 133 (3): 293-296.
  • Clinical aspects of Down's syndrome from infancy to adult life.
    M. Tolksdorf, H. R. Wiedemann.
    Human Genetics. Supplement, 1981, 2: 3-31. Review.
  • [Psychometric results in patients with Klinefelter syndrome] German.
    G. Gutezeit, M. Münke, M. Tolksdorf.
    Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde, Berlin, August 1982, 130 (8): 613-615.
  • Characterization of a Y/15 translocation by banding methods, distamycin A treatment of lymphocytes and DNA restriction endonuclease analysis.
    M. Schmid, J. Schmidtke, K. Kruse, M. Tolksdorf.
    Clinical Genetics, Copenhagen, October 1983, 24 (4): 234-239.
  • Genetic heterogeneity of the ichthyosis, hypogonadism, mental retardation, and epilepsy syndrome. Clinical and biochemical investigations on two patients with Rud syndrome and review of the literature.
    M. Münke, K. Kruse, M. Goos, H. H. Ropers, M. Tolksdorf.
    European Journal of Pediatrics, Berlin, October 1983, 141 (1): 8-13.
  • Cholesterol fractions and triglycerides in children and adults with Down's syndrome.
    K. Dörner, A. S. Gaethke, M. Tolksdorf, K. P. Schumann, H. Gustmann.
    Clinica chimica acta, Amsterdam, October 15, 1984, 142 (3): 307-311.
  • Interstitial deletion of chromosome 13 involving the region 13q14.
    R. Pankau, W. Johannson, W. Grote, K. Dörner, M. Tolksdorf.
    Human Genetics, November 1987, 77 (3): 292-293.
  • British Columbia. Poisoning by lead shot in trumpeter swans.
    K. Langelier, M. Tolksdorf, S. Herunter, R. Campbell, Lewis R.
    The Canadian Veterinary Journal, March 1990, 31 (3): 221-222.
  • Normal growth and normalization of hypergonadotropic hypogonadism in atypical Turner syndrome (45,X/46,XX/47,XXX). Correlation of body height with distribution of cell lines.
    J. Partsch, R. Pankau, W. G. Sippell, M. Tolksdorf.
    European Journal of Pediatrics, Berlin, June 1994, 153 (6): 451-455.

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