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Wolfgang Stock

Born  1874-04-26
Died  1956

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German ophthalmologist, born April 26, 1874, Bönnigheim, Württemberg; died 1956.

Biography of Wolfgang Stock

Stock studied at the universities of Tübingen, Munich, and Berlin, receiving his doctorate at Tübingen in 1897. He subsequently was educated in ophthalmology at this university, as well as at Mannheim, Breslay, Rostock, and Freiburg im Breisgau. He was habilitated for this speciality at Freiburg in 1902, becoming ausserordentlicher professor in 1907, and in 1910 accepted an invitation to Jena as ordinary professor, moving to the same tenure at Tübingen in 1921.

As long as Wolfgang Stock was head of the University Eye Clinic Tübingen (1921-1952), he founded a voluminous collection of ophthalmopathological slides, which reflect the knowledge about and possible therapies for various eye diseases at that time.


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  • Pathologie der Tränenorgane. In: Handbuch der Augenheilkunde, volume 9; Berlin, 1925.
  • Röntgenbehandlung in der Augenheilkunde.
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